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camp, and after awhile the medicine-man came
out and had the buffalo head laid in front of the
fire. He then started to make queer noises, point-
ing to the buffalo head and raising his hands to the
starlit sky. He sang a song and watched.

That night they put the buffalo head outside of
the camp a little way, and the men went out and
formed around it in a semicircle, facing the direc-
tion in which we were travelling. Afterwards the
medicine-man White Dog came out and took a
position in the centre of the semicircle and began
to sing. When he started singing the coyotes
started to sing, too, setting up a moanful howl all
along the river-bank. After he had sung his first
song he told the rest to keep their eyes on the
buffalo head and see *if there were any unusual
signs'. If so, he said, it was good, and they must
give thanks.

Then he started to sing a second song, and when
he came to the part where he mentioned the
buffalo head, sparks came out of the left eye, then
the right, and then the left again. And next the
buffalo head started to wag from side to side, just
like a buffalo that had been brought down by a
bullet. Smoke came out of his nostrils, and it

We youngsters were supposed to be In bed, but
two of my playmates and I had slipped out of our
pallets and were standing behind the men,